Best WordPress Hosting For SEO 2023

Your choice of web hosting supplier can tremendously affect your site, especially assuming your emphasis is on having an SEO-ready site that can rapidly climb the search engines. Like some other choices that involve your success online, one needs to be impeccably optimized for your goals.

Picking an impeccably SEO-friendly web hosting service is a lot far from simple or easy. There are many well-reviewed SEO web hosting suppliers and the most ideal choice extraordinarily relies upon your own needs.

These needs are often reliant on the kind of website you wish to host. For example, if you wish to host a blog or some eCommerce store, you will need a web host that performs great on search engines.

Hence, in this guide, we will be helping you pick the best WordPress hosting service provider for SEO. 

However, before we get into it, let us take a look at why hosting is important for SEO and what makes a web host, an SEO host.


Is Hosting Important for SEO? What Makes a Host ‘SEO Hosting’?

Except if you are a devotee to dedicated IP addresses, there is actually nothing that separates great SEO web hosting from a great web hosting overall. 

Any quality web host should place you in a good position in Google, and your site’s rankings will be determined more by your on-page and off-page SEO efforts than by your hosting supplier.

In any case, picking a bad quality web hosting can be a drag on your site’s ranking, so web hosting is as yet an important factor with regards to SEO.

All in all, what are the essential factors to search for on the off chance that you believe your hosting should help with SEO?

The biggest one is performance. Google has been factoring page load times into its search engine rankings for quite a while, and the Google team has as of late made that push considerably greater with their Core Web Vitals algorithms and the Page Experience algorithm update from 2021.

In the event that you are using cheap web hosting that does not load quickly, your rankings might be poor. Switching to a faster host will help you to rank higher, which makes your performance-optimized web hosting synonymous with SEO web hosting.

Beyond that, here are a few other details to look for:

Free SSL certificates (so you can enable HTTPS):

Google has been using HTTPS as a ranking factor since at least 2014, so it is essential your site has an SSL certificate.

Good Uptime:

If your site is down, Google may take this into consideration when it is crawling your site, which is not good for SEO. If the downtime is for a really long time, Google might de-index your site until it starts working again (which usually takes some time to recover). Not to mention, bad uptime also negatively affects your visitors. 


If your site gets affected by malware, Google will flag it and remove it from the SERPs via its Safe Browsing service. Even if you clean your site, it can take a while to get your rankings back and you will need to submit a re-examination request via Google Search Console.

Server Locations:

You will want to be able to choose a server location that is as close as possible to your target SEO area. For example, if you want to rank in Google USA results, you will need a USA server location.

Certain people also search for a dedicated IP address for SEO hosting, in the conviction that having a similar IP address with different sites can affect SEO rankings (particularly on the off chance that those sites are bad quality or in some underperforming niches). You might see this called ‘C Class IP hosting’ or something.

Notwithstanding, given the way that practically all hosting services share IP addresses, this appears to be something Google has previously considered.

Numerous SEO specialists have proclaimed that needing a dedicated IP address for SEO is a myth. 

By and by, we additionally side with the conviction that dedicated IP SEO hosting is pointless, so we truly do not suggest that you consider it.

Moving on, let us now talk about the best WordPress hosting for SEO.

Best WordPress Hosting for SEO:

If you are on a hunt for the best WordPress Hosting for SEO, we have got you the perfect rundown to help you pick the best one for you. 

Hostinger WordPress Web Hosting For SEO:

Hostinger is the cheapest WordPress hosting in the business and has been everyone’s favorite for the remarkable feature that it provides. And while it might seem like because it is cheap, it might not be worth it but it is the other way around.

Without breaking the bank, Hostinger’s SEO Toolkit assesses specialized SEO issues on your website and gives input on the nature of your substance. The plugin additionally produces significant advances that you can take to further improve SEO on every one of your website’s pages.

Hostinger Pros and Cons

Features of Hostinger:

  • Liberal Resources: Your assets are restricted on the entry-level plan but on the off chance that you upgrade to Premium Shared Hosting, you get double the storage space, as well as unlimited websites, email, and bandwidth. You also get inner peace with weekly auto backups, which are not available on the Single Shared Hosting plan. Also, the Premium plan is still exceptionally cheap.
  • WordPress Optimisation: Hostinger’s shared hosting plans come with pre-installed LSCWP (LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress). The plugin is conveniently included in your dashboard, so supporting the performance of your WordPress website is really simple.
  • Data Centres on Four Continents: Hostinger has seven data centers strategically situated all over the planet. In the event that your target audience is in North America, South America, Europe, or Asia, you can work on your website’s performance by picking the most appropriate data center.
  • The Simplified hPanel: Hostinger’s proprietary control panel makes it very simple to install your CMS, set up a website, and access your SEO Toolkit.

Interserver WordPress Web Hosting For SEO:

InterServer offers a single, Standard shared hosting plan with unlimited websites, domains, storage space, bandwidth, and email, all at a very minimal expense. The supplier has a great uptime record backed by a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, and the Standard plan incorporates a few performance-boosting features to help your loading speeds.

Despite the fact that InterServer has only two data centers, two of which are US-based, you can use Cloudflare CDN to further improve the loading speeds for non-US visitors.

InterServer gives a single-click installer to the SEO Panel. The panel comes with an SEO site examiner, the Moz rank checker, a keyword position checker, and a few different features that can help you decide the real-time SEO profile of your website.

 Features of Interserver:

  • Visitor details in cPanel: InterServer’s Standard plan comes with the cPanel control panel. You can use it to effortlessly deal with your account and website, and furthermore, to get point-by-point data about your visitors, the time they spend on your site, and their favored pages, and that is just the beginning.
  • LiteSpeed Technology: LiteSpeed web servers are much quicker than Apache, which most web hosts use. It also comes with LiteSpeed storing, an in-built tool that you can access from cPanel to work on your website’s performance.
  • Uncrowded Servers: InterServer uses just half of the available resources per server, and that implies that adjoining websites will not slow down your performance during times of peak traffic.
  • Modest VPS: Assuming you at any point need more resources to support your developing website, you can change to one of InterServer’s profoundly reasonable plans. You might actually ask the tech group to play out the exchange for you.

A2 WordPress Hosting For SEO:

A2 Hosting’s shared hosting plans are somewhat more costly than a couple of different hosts on this rundown. However, the extra caching and security tools are worth it. Additionally, on the off chance that steady performance is your main need for web hosting, A2 Hosting should be on your list.

You can begin with a minimal expense, entry-level plan for a basic site but on the off chance that you are building a medium-to-high-traffic, SEO-friendly website, we suggest either the Turbo Boost or the Turbo Max plans. 

A2 Hosting does not offer any out-of-the-box SEO tools like Hostinger’s SEO Toolkit but you can use its single-click installer to set up valuable software like SEO Panel.

Features of A2 Hosting:

  • A2 Optimized Installations: Whether you want to use WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, PrestaShop, or another famous CMS, A2 which is a single-click setup can help you rapidly install and enhance it. Performance settings are preconfigured, so you can bounce straight into building your website.
  • Super Servers: A2’s Turbo Boost and Turbo Max plan run on upgraded web servers with extra assets, fewer users, and inherent reserving. As indicated by A2 Hosting, you can anticipate that your website should load 20 times quicker on a Turbo server.
  • Extra Resources During Traffic Spikes: For a minimal expense, you can purchase the Performance Plus add-on and guarantee that your website never goes down because of high traffic.
  • Supported DDoS protection. DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks are intended to disturb a web server by overpowering it with a surge of traffic. This can bring about your website becoming inaccessible and, contingent upon the seriousness of the attack could have resulted in your rankings in SERPs. A2 Hosting gives supported DDoS protection to prevent this from occurring.

HostPapa WordPress Web Hosting For SEO:

HostPapa is a decent spot to begin in the event that this is your most memorable time constructing and hosting a website. Its plans are marginally costly following renewal. However, you get a ton of benefits that are worth your money.

For instance, the Starter plan comes with 2 websites, 100GB of storage, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited email, and a lot of user-accommodating features like an SEO-friendly website builder and a simple-to-follow Quickstart Wizard.

The whole service at HostPapa is worked around convenience. When you sign into your account, the QuickStart Wizard is there to take you through every one of the strides of setting up your CMS.

Likewise, HostPapa’s website builder comes with a few specific SEO features. For instance, you can undoubtedly change page meta titles and descriptions, create alt text for your pictures or add a site design for search engines.

Features of HostPapa:

  • Exceptional Customer Support: Assuming you at any point run into inconvenience, there is day-in and day-out support. In our experience, HostPapa’s tech specialists are not the fastest to answer, yet they are courteous and appropriately trained to help with most hosting issues.
  • Text and Video Tutorials: Regardless of whether you do not know anything about SEO, it is not difficult to learn with HostPapa’s aides. There are even tutorials on the most proficient method to create an SEO-friendly website using HostPapa’s proprietary site builder, which is incorporated free of charge on all plans.
  • One-on-One Training with Experts: Before you get everything rolling, you can demand a one-on-one call with one of HostPapa’s tech experts to cover subjects like account management, building and getting your website, and SEO, from there, the sky’s the limit.
  • Premium Servers: HostPapa is mainly focused on developers and small businesses, yet there is room for your website to grow. On the off chance that you need more resources for ideal performance, you can constantly upgrade to the Business Pro plan and move your website to a superior server.

SiteGround WordPress Web Hosting For SEO:

SiteGround offers probably the least expensive managed WordPress hosting plans in the business, so in the event that you plan to build a WordPress website, this supplier needs to be on your list. Despite the fact that SiteGround is often seen as a developer-centric service, it also offers plenty of benefits to beginners.

SiteGround’s managed WordPress service incorporates a single-click installation, auto-updates, daily backups, and then some.

Likewise, the SG Optimizer plugin right away manages your WordPress installation for ideal performance on SiteGround’s platform. Better speeds are consistently always a plus with regards to SEO.

Site Tools offers an extraordinarily worked interface as compared to the cPanel.

You’ll likewise find that Site Tools is a simple-to-use control panel with a perfect connection point. Like with cPanel, you will have the option to see site insights, for example, remarkable visitors, page visits, and more by getting to the Site Statistics tab. Thus, these can direct your SEO and content management system.

SiteGround additionally offers particular technical support for WordPress, which you cannot get with most different hosts.

Features of SiteGround:

  • WordPress Starter Wizard: The Wizard is an intuitive, bit-by-bit manual for building your most epic website. A few expert WordPress themes are known for the plan, and you can without much of a stretch add functionalities like a portfolio, online store, or contact structures during the setup.
  • Integrated Caching: All SiteGround plans run on Apache + Nginx web servers intended for speed. Assuming that you pick either the GrowBig or GoGeek plan, you also get access to SiteGround’s SuperCacher, which can drastically work on your site’s performance.
  • Based on GCP: All SiteGround has as of late banded together with Google Cloud Platform for its shared hosting and managed WordPress plans. New clients are hosted on GCP of course, which converts into better performance, steadiness, and versatility.
  • Complete Account Isolation: Utilizing LXC (Linux holders) technology, SiteGround makes sure that user accounts are totally isolated from each other, even on a similar server. This implies that your neighbors cannot dive into your apportioned resources or spread security breaks to your website.

GoDaddy WordPress Web Hosting For SEO:

GoDaddy offers a wide scope of services, from web hosting to domain registration, email hosting, a website builder, SEO tools, and computerized showcasing, and that’s just the beginning.

If you have any desire to keep things simple by dealing with all of your website-related services in a single place, GoDaddy may be a decent solution.

For a monthly charge, you can get GoDaddy’s SEO Tools add-in and have the tech group assess your website’s SEO profile.

The group then, at that point, strolls you through changes that you can make to work on your ranking in SERPs. You likewise get a few tools to help you keep tabs on your progress.

The downside with GoDaddy is that you will not get a ton of gifts with your hosting. For instance, the entry-level Economy plan gives you one website and 100GB of storage but it does exclude free SSL certificates or any out-of-the-container performance features.

In the event that you wouldn’t fret about paying extra for these services, you can without much of a stretch add them to your plan during checkout.

You can likewise purchase a few different items that you won’t find with different hosts, like a total digital marketing suite.

Features of GoDaddy:

  • Based on AWS: GoDaddy has as of late moved its shared hosting platform to AWS, one of the quickest and most solid cloud infrastructures on the planet. You can expect better website loading speeds and uptime, which is incredible news for SEO.
  • Digital Marketing Plans: The suite incorporates email marketing, social media, and a reputation management tool for Google and Facebook. Keep in mind that while GoDaddy gives an across-the-board dashboard that makes it more straightforward to monitor your digital marketing channels, you are responsible for the marketing effort.
  • On-request Resources: In the event that you at any point need more resources to deal with a traffic spike, you can add CPU and RAM directly from your dashboard without moving up to a more costly plan.
  • Basic Business Hosting: A high-traffic website or web-based business platform is probably going to grow out of the limits of shared hosting. GoDaddy’s Business hosting solution provides you with the power of a VPS, in addition to a basic proprietary control panel that makes it a lot simpler to deal with your server.

Is WordPress hosting good for SEO?

Yes, WordPress hosting can be good for SEO. WordPress is a popular CMS and there are many plugins and themes available to help with SEO. However, it is important to choose a reliable host and to make sure that your website is well-optimized for search engines.

Which hosting is best for SEO?

The best hosting for SEO depends on a number of factors including your budget, website needs, and desired features. However, some general tips for choosing a good hosting provider for SEO purposes include choosing a provider with good uptime and customer support, as well as one that offers features like SSD storage and caching.

Which hosting is best for WordPress beginners?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best hosting for WordPress beginners will vary depending on your specific needs and budget. However, some good options to consider include Hostinger, SiteGround, Bluehost, and A2 Hosting.

With that, we have now come to an end to our guide on the best WordPress hosting for SEO. We hope it helps you in making the best choice for you. 

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