Hostinger vs IONOS by 1 & 1

If you ask any website owner why they are looking for a web hosting service provider, the most common responses will be speed, security, and reliability.

That’s right, and the ideal web host needs to have a solid uptime rate, quick website speed, and a lot of safety and security measures.

Without those three things, you will likely be stressed over your website’s decline, bounce rates increasing, or hackers messing up your site.

Do Hostinger and IONOS by 1 & 1 match these three unquestionable requirements? What different features do the two web hosting service providers offer? Which one is better?

In our Hostinger v/s IONOS by 1 & 1 Guide, we will help you determine the answer to these inquiries and much more.

We have a great deal to cover, so let’s begin ASAP!


Hostinger vs IONOS by 1 & 1

This guide will cover topics like uptime, performance, migration services, website building, products, features, security, pricing, and so on of Hostinger and IONOS by 1 & 1 to help you make an educated choice.

IONOS vs Hostinger Performance and Uptime:

Are Hostinger and IONOS by 1 & 1 dependable web hosting service providers?

Quite possibly, the primary query on web hosting revolves around unwavering quality, and for a good reason – you do not ever need downtime!

Hostinger can go past its 99.9% uptime ensure. As per our experts, Hostinger offers an uptime of 99.5 percent. It implies that they had a downtime of 23 hours in a year.

And when we speak about IONOS by 1 & 1, they did have an impressive uptime of 99.98 percent, and we did not face a downtime issue with them.

No one likes a sluggish website. Regardless of whether someone is keen on your content or products, people usually do not have the patience and might move on to the next best alternative.

What Hostinger needs uptime, they compensate for in speed.

Hostinger has data centers spread everywhere. It intends that, in addition to having a special rate for people worldwide, you also get to pick which data center you wish to use!

So if your target audience is in Asia, you are in an ideal situation picking the Asia-Pacific server farm.

Likewise, Hostinger has a LiteSpeed Caching feature. It further improves your site speed when far from the data center.

IONOS by 1 & 1 could come up short on features. However, that does not mean they have slow loading speeds. It just takes 797ms to load a website completely – under 1 second.

Website Building:

Different features like website building tools make the whole web hosting experience better.

Hostinger’s shared web hosting plans have a free WordPress site builder. If you are not a WordPress user, you need to pay for their Zyro site builder, which starts at $2.90/month.

IONOS 1 & 1 does not have their site manufacturer, but they offer a single-click WordPress installation.

Migration Services:

Do you need to move your site to another hosting web supplier?

A customer support team deals with Hostinger’s transfer services. Furthermore, best of all, you do not need to pay for their services!

IONOS 1 & 1, then again, does not offer website migration services. You will need to transfer it yourself. 

They do, notwithstanding, offer proper guidelines on the best way to make it happen. You will not be all alone.

IONOS vs Hostinger Reliability:

Hostinger uses SSD drives for all of its servers – which immediately support speeds. It likewise has a cache manager that improves page loading speeds while taking care of static content and complete support for a Cloudflare CDN (content conveyance organization).

A CDN further improves page loading speeds by putting away a copy of your website on servers worldwide. So when somebody visits your website, your website pages are loaded using the nearest server.

IONOS by 1 & 1 also uses SSD drives, yet there is no built-in cache manager, and a CDN is just available on the Expert plan.

IONOS by 1 & 1 has different performance levels that influence the speed of your website, relying upon your web hosting plan – however that is not so much a choice with 1&1 IONOS’ basic plan.

The Business plan begins at performance level 1, for up to 2.5 GB RAM, while the Expert plan’s performance level 3 gives you 9 GB RAM. You can move up to even 5 at an additional cost, which provides you with 19 GB RAM.

Hostinger also has various degrees of processing the power – however, these are 1x, 2x, and 4x, depending on your plan. Notwithstanding, Hostinger’s RAM portions are smaller than IONOS by 1 & 1.

IONOS vs Hostinger Pricing:

Hostinger’s costs for hosting a single website are difficult to beat – yet the marketed expenses require you to pay for two years. While this is a common marketing strategy among web hosting companies, IONOS by 1 & 1 offers no-contract hosting plans that run monthly with no up-front expenses.

You can pay monthly with Hostinger, yet it will cost you up to 8 times more than paying upfront for two years. 

IONOS by 1 & 1 offers you a few extraordinary features like a free domain name for one year and a free SSL certificate. However, that does not make it the winner. 

Hostinger also offers some impressive value-added features that IONOS by 1 & 1 does not provide. For instance, Hostinger incorporates its free website builder with its web hosting services though you will need to pay extra for it with IONOS by 1 & 1.

Both Hostinger and IONOS by 1 & 1 have a 30-day money-back promise. 

In any case, the IONOS by 1 & 1 cancellation process is a bit tricky. To drop your subscription with 1&1 IONOS, you must submit a written request three days before the renewal date. 

Your cancellation will not happen until and unless it has been approved in writing. And there are also cases when the cancellation does not occur for months.

Hostinger vs IONOS Security:

Protecting against malware, hacking attempts, and different vulnerabilities is a must when you have a website.

Hostinger’s shared hosting packs use BitNinja security, which gives your website protection against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks and even protects you from:

  • Malware
  • Hacking attempts
  • Botnets
  • Sudden power attacks
  • Script infusion

Hostinger is additionally equipped with support for the latest PHP forms and lets you change your PHP version effectively. 

With IONOS by 1 & 1, the security features are taken care of by SiteLock. However, you get malware protection on Expert Plan and above. 

The lack of in-built security intends that it will ultimately protect your web hosting. However, you will need to buy SiteLock Premium – for which you can also get a free trial for 30 days.

IONOS by 1 & 1 offers server-level DDoS protection and supports PHP 7.2 and 7.3. Nonetheless, to change your PHP version, you will need to contact customer support, as IONOS by 1 & 1 only permits you to change the PHP version on domain names that are not yet connected to a website.

When it comes to security and safety, we would like to go with Hostinger as they come with BitNinja security that comes enabled on all plans. You do not have to pay any extra money for keeping your website safe and secure.

IONOS vs Hostinger Features:

In the below-given table, we have got you a side-by-side comparison to help you understand the features of Hostinger and IONOS by 1 & 1 in a much better manner.

FeaturesHostinger IONOS by 1 & 1
Bandwidth100 GB on a Premium website plan, unlimited on all other plansUnlimited on all plans
Data Storage Capacity20 GB SSD to 300 GB SSD, depending on your plan10 GB to 500 GB, depending on your plan
DomainsFree for one year on the Premium plan and aboveFree for one year on all plans
Control PanelYes – Hostinger uses cPanel, with a custom theme to make navigation simpleA custom control panel that’s complex and difficult to navigate
Website MigrationFree – the customer support team will help you migrate your website from another hostNot included
BackupsWeekly on all plans except Expert, which offers daily backupsDaily, but these are only available for a maximum of six days
Additional FeaturesUnlimited email addresses on Premium plan and aboveGIT access1-click install of appsCache managerZyro website builderEasy PHP configurationBetween 10 and 500 email addresses depending on the planGIT access1-click install of apps

Well, taking a good look at the features that both of these web hosting service providers have to offer, we would go with Hostinger with regards to features. Even though IONOS by 1 & 1 offers better storage space and unlimited bandwidth on all of its web hosting plans, Hostinger does have an edge as it does provide its users with free website migration services, easy hPanel, and unlimited email addresses, in-built website builder, and so on.

And with that, we have now come to an end to our comparisons of the two web hostings. Let us now address the main query, which web hosting should you pick, Hostinger or IONOS by 1 & 1.

Which One Is Better: Hostinger or IONOS by 1 & 1?

Well, given the fact that Hostinger has turned out to be a winner in most cases, we would definitely go with Hostinger. And in case you are running an eCommerce store and wish to get yourself some high-end performance and security, Hostinger could be the one for you.

While on the other hand, if you have to put up some large media files online, IONOS by 1 & 1 is the perfect fit for you.

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We have now come to an end to our guide on Hostinger v/s IONOS by 1 & 1. We hope it helps you in making an educated choice.

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