Hostinger vs iPage – Who Comes out on Top?

Picking a perfect web hosting service provider is often a daunting job as it requires a lot of time and effort and is often confusing as a lot of web hosting service providers offer similar features and services.

And if you are someone who is torn down between Hostinger and iPage, you have come to the perfect spot. In this guide, we will be talking about Hostinger and iPage in detail and help you make the perfect choice for you.

We will be first covering iPage and then Hostinger to help you learn about them more individually.


iPage Web Hosting:

How about we start by managing the primary features that directly influence the nature of your website hosting? They are:

  • Available types of web hostings
  • Maximum number of websites
  • Monthly bandwidth
  • RAM (for the most part valuable for dedicated servers)

The plans that are offered by web hosting companies can either appear as shared hosting or dedicated hosting. On the off chance that it is shared hosting, your website and its content are put away on the same server as those of other users.

That implies that a lot of users consume RAM, bandwidth, and so on. Therefore, less RAM is available for your site to use.

This can get to a point where your website either turns out to be very slow or crashes often. The one advantage of shared web hosting is that it is an affordable option.

Dedicated hosting is more costly but with it, you get to relish a few benefits. With this sort, you get specific and closed assets.

This could emerge out of having a full server to yourself or getting portions of its resources dispensed to your account.

One way or another, you never need to stress over your site’s performance dropping in light of the fact that different users succeed on the web.

In this way, before our team signed up on iPage, they were given a few choices of hosting plans. They were not too pleased with it as there were only two options: Web hosting and WordPress hosting.

Both of those plans (Web and WordPress) are the shared hosting kind. They are great for personal blogs, small business websites, and landing pages.

The optimized WordPress hosting includes a lot of epic features that will incredibly work on your experience. 

iPage does not offer dedicated server hosting. Our team was stunned to see this as iPage used to offer it in the past.

Hence, they eventually contacted customer care to check if they were mistaken or something but turns out, that the company is mainly focusing all of its resources on shared web hosting. 


Servers are basically extraordinary PCs. Subsequently, they have restricted plate space for putting away your site’s files, pictures or videos, and data, from there, the sky’s the limit.

Most times, this storage comes as either HDD or SSD. You need to get one with an SSD or an SSD Nvme in light of the fact that it is faster. With iPage, you get unlimited storage (SSD) regardless of the plan.

While the storage helps with keeping web content (recordings and different media documents), you likewise need a method for keeping site data, for example, inventory records, web polls, customer input, leads, and so on. Having a database on the backend will get the job done.

MySQL is one of the most amazing database management systems out there and iPage permits unlimited MySQL databases on its plans.


Your website’s performance is not entirely set in stone by a few features, particularly speed (load and response times) and uptime.

The quicker your site, the better its possibilities are for ranking higher on web indexes. Additionally, how often your site stays responsive (uptime), will influence your visitor’s experience and hold you back from losing customers and money.

Keeping that in mind, we tested iPage’s performance. Here are the outcomes:

  • Test site load time: 0.7s to 2.4s
  • Response time: 658ms to 2100ms
  • Uptime: 100 percent

iPage’s speed is well below normal in the hosting industry. Notwithstanding, it compensates for this a bit with immaculate uptime.

The server area also influences performance since those near your target audience will decrease response and load times.

Tragically, iPage just has servers in the United States.


Indeed, even with practically no tech experience or formal knowledge, a control panel permits site owners to manage their hosting without any hassle. iPage uses vDeck, their custom software, as the default control panel. Our team found it simple to use.

Now, let us talk about Hostinger.

Hostinger Web Hosting:

There are seven hosting plans on Hostinger: Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and Cloud hosting, and that’s just the beginning.

For shared web hosting, the Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting plans fall under the classification. The VPS and Cloud hosting plans are dedicated in nature. Both are similar but have some differences.

VPS hosting and Cloud hosting on Hostinger use the partitioning technology to give every client dedicated resources from a pool of servers. Nonetheless, VPS will give you and your tech team access, while Cloud hosting will not.

We recommend that you possibly pay for root access assuming you or your colleagues have the required technical know-how to deal with the server setup. In any case, let Hostinger make a fuss over that.

Also, there are in their RAM sizes. VPS hosting plans offer 1GB – 16GB RAM and Cloud, 3GB – 12GB.

As per our web experts, you just need under 1GB to run a high-traffic blog. Greater sites with truck and installment handling features, for example, an eCommerce store require 2GB RAM.

Hostinger will let you create 1 to the unlimited website in view of your plan. You also get 100GB/month of unlimited bandwidth.


As far as disk space, you get 20GB to 300GB SSD storage. The hosting supplier additionally allows 2 to unlimited data sets. 

We do not see the point in having such a lower limit when other web hosting service providers are offering significantly more, including iPage. The 300GB is the maximum SSD storage that Hostinger offers.


Here is a summary of Hostinger’s performance:

  • Test site load time: 0.01s to 0.55s
  • Response time: 37ms to 249ms
  • Uptime: 99.9% in the month before

manyTest site load time: 0.01s to 0.55s

Response time: 37ms to 249ms

Uptime: 99.9% in the month before

The hosting service has a superior performance that not a lot of web hosts can match. It destroys iPage with regards to site speed.

Hostinger has data centers and server locations in 7 countries:

  • The United States of America
  • The UK
  • The Netherlands
  • Lithuania
  • Singapore
  • India
  • Brazil


Hostinger has its proprietary control panel which is called hPanel. It is very easy to use and makes managing your website an easy job.

And now when it comes to picking a winner as we speak about the basic features of Hostinger and iPage, we are going to go with Hostinger as it has better performance, more data centers, and more kinds of hosting.

Hostinger vs iPage: Security and Privacy:

SSL CertificatesYesYes
Server SecurityMalware ProtectionBlacklist MonitoringAnti-Spammod_securityPHP Protection
BackupsDaily, depending upon the plan.Weekly to Daily.
Domain PrivacyYes, at $9.99 per year.Yes, at $5 per year.

It is definitely not enough to have superior performance and abundant resources – a web hosting service needs also to get useful information and data on the client’s website. 

iPage Web Hosting

SSL Certificates:

An SSL certificate is a digital security program that encrypts website content, guarding it against unauthorized third parties.

iPage offers a free SSL certificate on each plan.

Server Security:

They likewise give key security features, all thanks to iPage’s SiteLock, a web application firewall for online business sites. A couple of SiteLock’s features are:

  • Malware protection
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • Anti-spam
  • The starting price for SiteLock is $3.99/year.


You really want to have standard backups on your site in the event that something turns out badly. Plugins could affect your content, you could inadvertently erase important things, or somebody might have compromised your database.

At the point when any of those things occur, a backup could be the best way to solve all your issues. iPage offers daily auto backups in the event that you pay for them as an extra service.

Domain Privacy

To register a domain name, you might have to give some private data. The issue is this information (name, address, phone number, and so on) will be stored in the WHOIS catalog, a public data set for such information.

To protect the users from spammers and tricksters, most hosting services offer domain protection which generally redacts your data in the WHOIS catalog.

With iPage, you get domain security for $9.99 each year.

Hostinger Web Hosting:

SSL Certificates

Any Hostinger plan you pick will come with a free SSL certificate. You can look for a guide on installing an SSL certificate on all plans by a guide on their website.

Server Security

For better security, you will get mod_security and PHP protection (Suhosin and solidifying) plugins to protect your website.


They offer week after weekly and daily backups relying upon the web hosting plan you pick. Nonetheless, this is still better compared to iPage since it does not cost extra.

Domain Privacy

Hostinger’s domain security costs $5 each year. Once more, it is surely way less expensive than iPage.

The winner even in terms of security and privacy is Hostinger. Although a significant number of Hostinger’s safety efforts are free, they get the job done. iPage’s SiteLock can be truly helpful but it surely does not match with all that Hostinger has to offer.

Hostinger vs iPage: Web Hosting Pricing Plans

Free PlanNoNo
Subscription DurationOne Year, Two Years, Three Years.One Month, One Year, Two Years, Four Years.
Cheapest Plan$1.99 per month on the three-year plan$1.99 per month on the four-year plan
Most Expensive Shared Hosting Plan$6.95 per month$19.98 per month
Best Deal$71.64 for three years$95.52 for four years
Best DiscountNone10 percent student discount1 percent off on coupons
Cheapest Domain Price$2.99 per year$0.99 per year
Money Back Guarantee30 Days30 Days

iPage Hosting Pricing:

The most affordable annual hosting plans for iPage are:

  • Web Hosting: $2.99 per month
  • WordPress Hosting: $3.75 per month

Hostinger Hosting Pricing:

Hostinger’s annual hosting plans are:

  • Shared Hosting: $2.99/month
  • Cloud Hosting: $14.99/month
  • WordPress Hosting: $3.99/month
  • cPanel Hosting: $3.95/month
  • VPS Hosting: $4.99/month
  • Minecraft Server Hosting: $9.95/month
  • CyberPanel Hosting: $4.95/month

Along with that, Hostinger also provides a 15 percent student discount.

And taking that into consideration, we are going to go with Hostinger as the winner as they have long-term value plans and they also offer discounts.

iPage vs Hostinger: Customer Support

Live ChatYesYes
Phone SupportYesNo
Support Team QualityAverageExcellent

Customer support plays a pivotal role as there might be chances when you might need some help with your web hosting and you might not be able to solve it on your own. Hence, let us compare Hostinger’s and iPage’s customer support.

iPage Web Hosting:

iPage does offer 24/7 live chat support but our team could not find any email ticket or inquiry form to fill. Hence, we ended up using phone support. We found the support team to be educated and helpful.

And on their website, we found plenty of information in their FAQ and tutorial section. But, we still feel like there is a massive scope of improvement.

Hostinger Web Hosting:

Hostinger offers 24/7 live support and email support but there is no phone support available. Hostinger is known for its epic blogs, tutorials, and FAQs and helped our team in the best possible manner. 

While it took us a while to get connected to their customer support staff, we still loved how they are so good at their job as compared to iPage.

With that being said, with regards to customer support, we are again going to go with Hostinger as the winner. 

iPage vs Hostinger: Extras – Free Domain, Site Builder, Email, and More

Dedicated IPNoneAvailable
Email AccountsAvailableAvailable
SEO ToolsAvailableAvailable
Free Website BuilderAvailableNone
Free Domain3/3 Packages8/35 Packages
WordPressAuto and One-ClickOne-click
Free Website MigrationNoneAvailable

Dedicated IP:

Our experts recommend using a dedicated IP address for your website, that is because:

  • Better email reputation
  • Enhanced SEO
  • An established control on the server
  • Better website speed

Sadly, iPage does not offer a Dedicated IP address.

Free Business Email Account:

You get free and unlimited email accounts with both, Hostinger and iPage.

SEO Tools:

Hostinger provides SEO Toolkit Pro while iPage also offers a free website builder that comes with SEO tools to help out with SEO tools to help you rank higher on Google.

Hence, in this regard, we are still going to go for Hostinger as the web hosting provider as it provides a better value for money.

Is iPage a good hosting?

iPage is a solid hosting company that has been around for many years. They offer great features and pricing, and have a good reputation.

Is Hostinger and Hosting24 same?

No, Hostinger and Hosting24 are two different hosting companies.

Is iPage fast?

Yes, iPage is fast. It’s one of the fastest web hosting providers out there.

With that, we have now come to an end to our guide on Hostinger vs iPage. We surely would recommend you to go with Hostinger and not with iPage as in all categories, Hostinger has outshined iPage.

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