Hostinger vs Nexcess Find out The Best Web Hosting Services

Getting your hands on the best web hosting service provider is often a daunting task and with more than a thousand web hosting service providers claiming to be the best web hosting service providers, it can be an even daunting task to pick the perfect web hosting service.

And if you are someone who has shortlisted Hostinger and Nexcess as your top two contenders for a web host, we are here to help you make the best choice for you.

But before that, how about we take a look at what all a web hosting provider does for you?


What Does a Web Hosting Provider Do for You?

A web hosting service provider gives you access to advanced web servers that store and run your website’s files. They also give a quick and stable internet connection with your website so that people from around the world can easily get to it. 

There are, obviously, different things that hosting suppliers perform for their customers. In this section, we will go over the essential services a web host gives.

  • Gives You Domain

Your domain name is basically your identity card on the internet. While it is technically possible to host a website without a domain name and just an IP address, no one would have the option to find you, substantially a lot of people might not even remember the name of your website.

Fortunately, most web hosting companies offer the assistance of helping you register and keep up with the name of your website. Assuming they use the uber-famous site management platform called cPanel, you can without much of a stretch deal with yours through your domain tools.

Whether or not your web host supplier uses this platform, you can in any case manage your domain with almost no intervention from your technical support staff.

  • Gives You Server

Your server is anyway much more important than your domain as it “serves” your site to the people. Your website should have server software that is installed and have a strong bandwidth connection to the internet.

You could technically set something almost similar but doing so would require a lot of effort and money. A web hosting network deals with the difficult work and makes sure that your site is available to the target audience.

  • Gives Storage Space

Your website is made using many files, going from basic HTML pages or scripting pages in languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, or others. These pages are often small.

Nonetheless, assuming that you are hosting multimedia content (images, audio, or video) you will find that you require a lot of storage space. 

These files will be stored on the server you can access through your web hosting supplier which will then, at that point, serve this data to the audience. 

Moreover, some good web hosting suppliers even offer backup services, which will take a copy of the documents from your website and store them so they can be restored at any point in time.

How To Pick The Best Web Hosting Service Provider For Your Website?

best web hosting

As we referenced before, there are many variables that go into choosing a web host. The factors generally essential to you will shift. The following are a few factors to take into consideration prior to picking a web hosting supplier.

Step 1: Measure The Amount of Traffic You Expect

How much traffic your site gets will significantly affect what sort of hosting you want. In the event that you are running a small website with minimal traffic, for example, shared hosting is the most ideal choice. For sites that get heavy traffic, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the best approach.

A few sites will get a lot of traffic. As a matter of fact, this is the goal of most businesses, especially those selling products on an eCommerce website. You could have a smaller, dedicated audience that probably will not need a lot of bandwidth. 

Step 2: Figure out What Kind of Hosting You Need

The amount you pay for hosting is to a great extent subject to the kind of web hosting you buy. All of them have their pros and cons.

Shared Hosting:

With shared hosting, many sites use the same IP address and reside on the same server. This is the most practical type of web hosting, as the hosting company shares the cost of an actual server among various sites.

The main feature of shared hosting is its price. In any case, you are also at the mercy of the bandwidth of different sites on similar server use. In the event that a lot of traffic is going to one more site on a similar server, it slows your site down.

Additionally, on the off chance that one more site on the same server is taking part in shady business and has its IP blocked by spam filters, your site might be impacted too. A reliable site hosting supplier prevents this but you need to take this into consideration.

Virtual Private Network:

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is the next best thing in the web hosting world. While you actually share a similar actual server with different sites, you are set up with a unique virtual server and a unique IP address. This unique IP address keeps your site separated from different sites on the server.

Assuming that you pick VPS hosting you enjoy the benefit of having the option to oversee more features on your server yourself and eliminate the risks like those with shared hosting. 

There are a few limitations on how much traffic a VPS can deal with, yet most sites for people or private companies might never exceed these limits.

Dedicated Hosting:

With dedicated hosting, your actual server or servers are for your website as it were. This is a more costly kind of hosting, yet it is likewise the most reliable one.

Bigger businesses need a dedicated hosting service to guarantee uptime and to get their site. This choice is best for effectiveness; in any case, once more, it is undeniably more costly. 

Cloud Hosting:

Cloud hosting services adopt the dedicated approach and spread your website across different servers. This can help manage unexpected traffic rises and help affect the power of the cloud to ensure your site keeps awake.

Indeed, even many cheap web hosting companies today are offering incredible cloud hosting plans to their customers. Some of them charge a level monthly expense too, which makes your expenses truly predictable.

WordPress Hosting:

A lot of web hosting companies will give WordPress hosting services, and that means you can deal with your site completely using the famous WordPress CMS.

You can sign in to the site and oversee everything through WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors. WordPress is incredibly famous and powers a critical part of the internet.

Web hosting suppliers that offer WordPress hosting make it simple to oversee and keep up with these sites.

Step 3: Get SSL Security

SSL security for your site is significant. SSL represents Secure Socket Layering and is the technique by which users of a site confirm its authenticity.

SSL (and its successor, TLS) guarantees that sensitive data stays safe when moved between two systems. 

Regardless of whether you are not expecting to move your sensitive data, SSL (which enables your site to be improved from HTTP access to HTTPS access) can be seen in the latest software. 

Many will block the sites that are not secure, and Google will rank unstable sites lower in their results, making it harder for visitors to track down your site.

Now that you are thorough with the basics of web hosting, let us move on to Hostinger vs Nexcess.

Hostinger vs Nexcess

WordPress is one of the world’s most famous CMS, fueling over 39 percent of all websites on the internet. That are a great many websites across the world.

Whether you’re using WordPress to begin a blog, grow a business, or build some membership platform, having solid hosting services is commensurate with the general inclination of your crowd and your success.

Two of the most famous hosts giving Managed WordPress Hosting are Hostinger and Nexcess.

Yet, which is better?

Let us take a deeper dive into it.

Hostinger vs Nexcess: An Overview

Hostinger’s selling points are its prices and adaptable features, giving clients flexibility and space to grow and create. They initially began offering hosting services in 2004 under the name of “Hosting Media”. Under 10 years after the fact, they have gathered an incredible 29 million steadfast customers across the world.

Nexcess was founded in 2000, two or three years before Hostinger. They offer various services, like Drupal, WooCommerce, and WordPress Hosting.

Today, they are home to around 30,000 websites across 130 nations around the world. They brag of having the most steadfast client base as compared to some other suppliers in the business. They keep on developing and improving, promising great services at reasonable prices.

Hostinger versus Nexcess – A Side-by-Side Comparison

Presently, to analyze the two web hosting suppliers, we will check out:

  • Uptime and performance
  • Products, pricing, and features
  • Usability and customer support

Before we dive into the details, here is a quick brief:

Uptime and PerformanceHostinger has an uptime average of 99.74 percent and an average loading speed of 385ms.Nexcess offers an uptime average of 99.96 percent and average loading speeds of 453ms.
SecuritySSL certificatesWanguard anti-DDoSBitninja or Imunify360CloudflareSSL certificates daily backup themes Security ProNexcess CDN
Migration ServicesFreeFree
ProductsShared Hosting
VPS Hosting
Minecraft Server Hosting
VPS Hosting
Cloud Hosting
WordPress Hosting
Email Hosting
CMS Hosting
Ecommerce Hosting
cPanel Hosting
Online Stores
Website Builder
Web Design Services
Magento Hosting
Woocommerce Hosting
WordPress Hosting 
Drupal Hosting
Bigcommerce Hosting
Sylius Hosting
ExpressionEngine Hosting
Craft Cms Hosting 
Flexible Cloud Hosting
Enterprise Hosting
Unmanaged Hosting
FeaturesFree domain (1 year)
Free Email
Free SSL certificates
High-speed SSD
Unlimited Bandwidth 
Google Ads Credit   
WordPress Acceleration
WordPress Multisite  
30 Days Money Back Guarantee  
Unlimited Databases
Jetpack Free  
Multiple Data Centers  
DNS Management  
Access Manager  
100 Subdomains  
Unlimited FTP Account 
Unlimited Cron Jobs 
Weekly backups
Automatic Core WordPress Updates
Malware Monitoring
Staging & Production
Staging Developer Tools
Email Hosting
Instant Backups
Full Server Access
Stencils for Rapid Site Creation
Automatic Plugin Updates
Multi-layered Caching
Automatic SSL
Nexcess Owned Data Centers
PHP Optimization
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
PricingThe cheapest plan starts at $1.99/month (doesn’t include free domain)Starts at $9.50 per month
Ease of UseHostinger uses a proprietary control panel called hPanel, and although it’s not that difficult to learn, it does take some getting used to.Hosting plans on Nexcess offers users a choice between traditional cPanel and Plesk, EXCEPT managed WordPress hosting. For managed WordPress hosting, users only have the choice of using Nexcess’s proprietary control panel.

Hostinger vs Nexcess Uptime and Performance:

How Dependable are Hostinger and Nexcess?

In the earlier years, Hostinger has shown to be truly dependable. Be that as it may, as of now, they are experiencing low uptime, with a normal of 99.74%. In 2020, they had a record low of 23 hours of downtime.

On the other side, Nexcess is boosting extraordinary uptime right now, with an average of 99.96%. In 2020, their websites barely experienced any downtime.

With respect to performance, there is not a lot of difference between Hostinger and Nexcess. The two suppliers offer quick loading speeds that can help clients reduce bounce rates and boost their rankings.

Hostinger is somewhat faster with a loading speed of 385ms, while Nexcess comes in at 453ms.

Nexcess vs Hostinger Products, Pricing, and Features

Nexcess makes them get up to speed to do with its products, prices, and features. At the point compared side-by-side with Hostinger, there is a conspicuous lack in their services.

They really do compensate for it with significant features, like Automatic Core WordPress Updates and Malware Monitoring.

These significant features are likewise the reason why Nexcess pricing is not that attractive.

Starting at $9.50 per month on their least expensive Managed WordPress Hosting, this price could be somewhat steep for somebody with limited money and resources.

In the interim, Hostinger offers all that you really want to get things up and running with their WordPress Starter plan. At just $2.99 per month, you also get 100 GB SSD storage, a free domain, free SSL certificates, 100 websites, unlimited bandwidth, and a lot more.

Hostinger Web Hosting Pricing and Plans:

Plan NameStorageBandwidthFree SSLNumber of WebsitesPrice
Single WordPress30 GB SSD Storage100 GB BandwidthYes1Starts at $1.99 per month
WordPress Starter100 GB SSD StorageUnlimited BandwidthYes100Starts at $2.99 per month
Business WordPress200 GB SSD StorageUnlimited BandwidthYes100Starts at $5.99 per month
WordPress Pro200 GB SSD StorageUnlimited BandwidthYes300Starts at $11.59 per month

Nexcess Web Hosting Pricing and Plans:

Plan NameStorageBandwidthFree SSLNumber of WebsitesPrice
Spark15 GB Storage2 TB BandwidthYes1Starts at $9.50 per month
Maker40 GB Storage3 TB BandwidthYes5Starts at $39.50 per month
Designer60 GB Storage4 TB BandwidthYes10Starts at $54.50 per month
Builder100 GB Storage5 TB BandwidthYes25Starts at $74.50 per month
Producer300 GB Storage5 TB BandwidthYes50Starts at $149.50 per month
Executive500 GB Storage10 TB BandwidthYes100Starts at $274.50 per month
Enterprise800 GB Storage10 TB BandwidthYes250Starts at $499.50 per month

Nexcess vs Hostinger Ease of Use and Customer Support:

Assuming that you buy into Nexcess’ other hosting items, you can pick between the traditional cPanel and Plesk. Yet, with their WordPress hosting, you must choose the option to use their custom control panel.

The same applies to Hostinger.

Along these lines, you would need to go through somewhat of a learning curve to learn and adapt particularly for users who have gotten familiar with using the traditional cPanel while using either provider’s control panel.

In any case, simply relax both Hostinger and Nexcess have available customer support teams trained to help you with anything you want.

You can reach them by means of email, live chat, or phone. You may also get to Hostinger’s knowledge base or Nexcess’ blog for solutions to minor hosting issues.

Hostinger vs Nexcess: The Verdict

Hostinger is cheap and has a great variety as far as hosting plans and different products. This makes them seem to be the undeniable most ideal decision of the two. Right?

Not exactly.

Nexcess also has various imperative features like its uptime and speed that can help medium to large websites get more traffic and reach more people.

So which would it be a good idea for you to pick?

Eventually, you will have to put together your options with respect to your necessities and preferences.

In the event that you have the budget and know all about how websites and the hosting business work, Nexcess is an extraordinary choice to consider.

On the other hand, in the event that you are just getting everything rolling, Hostinger will be an extraordinary place to begin building your online presence.

Before we conclude BlueHost vs Hostinger, let’s compare Hostinger with other major web hosting service providers :

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We hope this guide helps in picking the best web hosting service as per your needs.

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