Best Web Hosting For Multiple WordPress Sites

WordPress currently controls more than 30 percent of the internet. It is the most famous (and truly outstanding) platform for building websites. 

Be that as it may, with an extraordinary website comes incredible responsibility. All the more specifically, you want an incredible hosting plan to go with your website.

Step forward WordPress hosting – exceptionally intended for the requirements of all WordPress users. As a matter of fact, there are two basic sorts of WordPress hosting, to cater to sites of every kind.

Shared WordPress hosting is great for smaller sites, while managed WordPress hosting caters to sites with further advanced needs.

Our team takes ‘getting online’ extremely seriously. That is also the reason why we have conducted extensive research on the Best Web Hosting Service for WordPress to help you pick the perfect hosting for you.

Hence, here is our rundown of the best WordPress Web Hosts for you.


Top 10 Best Web Hosting For Multiple WordPress Sites:

Contingent to your goals, one of our recommended web hosting suppliers might work better compared to one more for your particular needs.

Let us get started!

Hostinger WordPress Web Hosting:

Hostinger stands apart at its low costs and heavenly loading times.

How low? Hostinger’s current managed WordPress plan begins at just $1.99 each month for a single website which is top-notch when compared with other web hosts out there. While that is the discounted pricing, even the renewal price of $3.99 each month is entirely reasonable.

In any case, here is the kicker: for only two dollars more each month (right now $3.99), you can build 100 websites alongside 100 GB of SSD storage, free email, and unlimited bandwidth.

Believe it or not, at the cost of a single cup of coffee every month, you will have the option to host up to 100 websites. That is an astonishing deal.

With their incredible prices, does that mean you will have to compromise on the quality? Probably not. You will get strong uptime and unwavering quality with Hostinger, as a matter of fact.

Best Web Hosting For Multiple WordPress Sites 2022

Loading times are quick and as per their website, their server response time times in at around 43 milliseconds, which is exceptionally quick. 

Hostinger as of now has carried out another feature for page speed insights, where you can gauge your site’s speed and see its performance history with only a single click. If you find that you need to further advance your loading speed, the new server transfer feature will help you with what to do.

The company likewise as of now also has added an advanced malware scanner and a WordPress managing tool so you can test changes without really changing your entire site.

By and large, this is an incredible web host in the event that you need great prices with quality hosting. If you have any desire to boost the number of websites you can host for a minimal price, join Hostinger today.

Bluehost WordPress Web Hosting:

Bluehost is one of the three web hosts that WordPress officially prescribes for individuals to use. That is a comparably great support as you can get for WordPress hosting.

People like Bluehost on the grounds that it is really easy to get started with. With a great many users, every one of the hassles has been worked out.

When you sign up with Bluehost, you will have the option to immediately install WordPress. You will have your website live in 15 minutes or less. Then, at that point, you can have your website designed in the way you love.

You can reach out to their customer support team 24/7 if an issue ever occurs.

Bluehost also has its cheapest web hosting pricing around, with plans as low as $2.75 per month. That is extraordinarily cheap, particularly for something so dependable and simple to use.

Thus, they are the ideal host to pick in the event that you are simply beginning.

Indeed, you will be on a shared host. Thus, if you or another person on your server gets an immense spike of traffic, your site could go down.

However, truly, this might ever occur. We have had websites on shared hosting for around 10 years and never had a site go down.

In the event that and when you need to upgrade, Bluehost also offers managed WordPress hosting that begins at $9.95 per month. Not the least price point we have seen, yet it is as yet perhaps the most minimal expense choice out there for managed hosting.

The value for money you get from Bluehost cannot be bested. It is strong enough for most websites, and the service is broadly recommended all through the business.

Bluehost is an incredible choice for by far most individuals, especially for the ones who are as of now starting out.

GreenGeeks WordPress Web Hosting:

In the event that you need a shared hosting plan well optimized for WordPress, GreenGeeks takes care of you. With reasonable rates, speedy setup, and 24/7 live chat support, you will have all that you want to send off an expert WordPress website.

GreenGeeks has many WordPress-specific tutorials and data in its insight base. They likewise do not charge additional expenses for WordPress security, quick performance, or their 300 percent environmentally-friendly energy match that makes them a carbon-reducing company.

GreenGeeks truly ups the security for WordPress sites. They screen your site for malware and different dangers and help clean your site if any issues ever happen.

They likewise give a free SSL certificate and automatically restore it for you at regular intervals. Furthermore, on the off chance that you as of now have a WordPress site, you can move it over to GreenGeeks or allow them to relocate it for you free of charge.

As a component of their managed WordPress hosting, each plan accompanies free WordPress installation, relocation, and auto updates. You will also get a free SSL certificate, free CDN, free backups, a free domain for one year, in-built caching, and WP-CLI and SSH access.

Assuming you have any issues or questions, you can make the most out of their 24/7 live chat option where educated individuals answer your queries quickly.

The Lite plan begins at $2.95 each month, Pro is $5.95 each month, and Premium is $10.95 each month. These prices depend on a three-year commitment and each plan accompanies a 30-day money-back guarantee. Lite is for one website. Both Pro and Premium cover unlimited websites.

WP Engine WordPress Web Hosting:

For aces, we would suggest WP Engine. It is perfect for managed WordPress hosting.

On the off chance that you are trying to build a high-traffic blog or business, WP Engine surely is the best WordPress hosting out there.

In any case, we do not suggest it for anybody who is simply starting out, since it’s significantly more costly. We’re talking between $30 to more than $100 every month versus a variety of $4 to $15 with different hosts on the rundown.

Most WordPress sites would improve Bluehost or Siteground. You will end up saving a lot of money and will not be paying for WP Engine’s advanced features you should not bother with.

For $23/month, paid every year, with their Startup plan, you can host one 10GB site with a constraint of 25,000 month-to-month visitors.

Their Professional level of service is $56/month for three sites and 75,000 month-to-month visitors. In the event that you will have a spike in rush hour and go over these traffic limits, you will get hit with overage expenses.

That could appear to be a huge expense for fewer resources (particularly when compared with services like Hostinger and Bluehost) yet, remember, this is managed WordPress hosting.

As a managed host, WP Engine expertly keeps up with speed and security at the server level meaning you don’t need to effectively boost performance on your end.

You don’t need to search and depend on plugins to save a few seconds off your load time or become a specialist on the prescribed method for building a lean site.

Nor do you need to cut out time to install and refresh your plugins, run backups, or execute security features to avoid any attacks. WP Engine deals with everything in the background.

The customer service is likewise incredible, with 24/7 customer support that incorporates service tickets and a comprehensive information base.

WP Engine’s support staff are WordPress specialists, giving point-by-point replies to your inquiries and issues.

Each time we have had to connect with their customer support, we have always been intrigued. Their speed, meticulousness, and mastery are elite.

Nexcess WordPress Web Hosting:

Nexcess, by Liquid Web, is a force to be reckoned with intended to service different forces to be reckoned with, as in the event that you are an enterprise customer or are monitoring numerous WordPress sites.

What our experts truly love about Nexcess is the manner by which they make it so easy to manage a website. Their single-click managing tool permits you to effortlessly create a copy of your website that you can alter and test however much you might want without stressing that you are messing up the live website.

They likewise offer a lot of incredible plans that make it simple to scale. Prices start at just $12.67 each month for one website (as long as you pay for the whole year). The discount for paying every year is comparable to four months free as opposed to paying month to month.

Assuming that you really want a larger number of features than the most minimal priced level gives, the expense jumps up a bit to $52.67 each month but you get up to five sites and 40 GB storage with that plan. Nexcess calls its most famous plan the Designer level, which presents 10 sites and 60 GB of storage for $72.67 each month.

On the whole, they offer six plans. The most costly plan is the Executive level, which gives up to 100 sites and 500 GB of storage. On the off chance that you’re an enterprise or consultant who plans to host websites for clients, one of the better quality plans is an extraordinary solution for you.

On the off chance that you really want more control yet doing everything yourself through AWS is not engaging, then, at that point, Nexcess is for you, as well. You will not need to do close to as much setup and maintenance as AWS while having significantly more control than different hosts give you.

It likewise automatically updates WordPress and your plugins. That is less hassle for yourself as well as your team.

You will get all-level access to MySQL, SFTP, and SSH. You likewise gain Git rendition influence. Security, speed, and customer support are for all intents and purposes unmatched.

Nexcess is clearly not ideal for everybody. Small businesses need to pick one of the different choices, as Nexcess plans would be needless excess.

SiteGround WordPress Web Hosting:

SiteGround is one more of WordPress’ recommended web hosts. They offer staggeringly reasonable managed hosting solutions that are strong too.

Where they truly shine is the way simple they make it to:

  • Relocate to their host. Their free migrator tool allows you effectively to transfer your old website over to their website in only a couple of days’ time. No turn of events or coding information is required.
  • Set up an internet-based store. With the strong blend of WordPress and WooCommerce, you will have the option to set up an online business site to begin bringing in money with a click. Truly, it simply takes a couple of clicks.

We additionally like their advanced features for WordPress, similar to automatic updates and upgraded security on all the SiteGround plans. You will likewise get free everyday backups. That is an astonishing solution for the most minimal level pricing.

This covers the majority of the issues you could run into, opening up a greater amount of your time to zero in on your business or job. 

Our experts recommend the StartUp plan. It gives you 10GB of space and up to 10,000 visitors for one site. This entry-level plan is $3.99/month for your initial year.

You can support your WordPress or WooCommerce site significantly further by going one step forward to GrowBig. That allows you to take advantage of SiteGround’s own Ultrafast PHP to speed up the visitor experience significantly more. 

Furthermore, you get the safety of on-request copies of your site backups, for $6.69 each month. The next plan is GoGeek for $10.69 each month with 40 GB of web space, need support, managing + Git, and capacity to white-label clients.

By and large, this is an incredible host for eCommerce stores on WordPress, internet business sites that need to change to a superior host, and any individual who needs strong security and simple site backups for their pages.

Flywheel WordPress Web Hosting:

Flywheel is a managed WordPress host that truly puts the “support” in customer support.

They offer an incredible movement service that deals with the frequently upsetting course of site relocation for you. They have a dedicated group that handles the whole course of moving your site to their web host so you don’t need to.

The greatest aspect: It’s totally free.

Believe it or not. They’ll deal with all that at no additional expense.

They’re additionally fabulous in view of extraordinary features like “outlines” that permit you to save modified subjects and plugins you use again and again.

You’ll likewise have 14 days on a free, password-protected demo site to show your work prior to paying. You can likewise effectively move to charge on any of your sites to a client.

That makes FlyWheel an amazing choice assuming you’re an office or consultant chipping away at client websites. On the off chance that you build sites for clients, we strongly suggest you begin utilizing Flywheel.

Flywheel offers a single site plan with 5,000 month-to-month visitors and 5GB of circle space for $13 per month. From that point, you can increase to a beefed-up single-site plan for $25 per month, or accommodate more sites in the two most noteworthy plans.

Kinsta WordPress Web Hosting:

Kinsta is an extraordinary option in contrast to WP Engine on the off chance that something about WP Engine doesn’t gel with you.

What really isolates them from WP Engine, however, is their auto-scaling feature. In case of a surprising flood in peak times, their servers will automatically designate more CPU and RAM to your website.

That is perfect for websites that as often as possible see rare spikes in traffic hours like when an article becomes a web sensation or on the other hand assuming you have irregular item dispatches.

That implies you will not need to stress over your website slowing down or crashing when you get a flood of perusers. All things being equal, Kinsta deals with it for you.

This can be excellent for websites that experience conflicting traffic performance.

They likewise offer a lot of pricing plans for brilliant versatility. As a matter of fact, they offer 10 plans as well as a flexible solution.

Pricing begins at $30/month for 25,000 month-to-month visitors and scales up from that point.

Kinsta can deal with any volume of traffic that you really want. You will not need to stress over changing from growing out of them.

One particularly pleasant thing about Kinsta is that you gain access to similar features across each plan, instead of moving up to a more extravagant plan to open something.

It additionally makes Kinsta’s pricing very basic. Pick the plan in view of your traffic and you’re all set.

Scala WordPress Web Hosting:

WordPress hosting can mislead. While a ton of suppliers will gloat about WordPress streamlining on their servers, what more would you say you are getting from them specifically?

Scala Hosting not just ensures their servers help your WordPress site perform better, but they likewise toss in a lot of valuable features on pretty much every plan.

It begins with a free website movement, which few out of every odd supplier offers. What’s more, it’s not only one website Scala’s experts will continue as numerous WordPress sites as the need might arise to their service, for nothing.

They’ll deal with the relocation and confirm everything’s working before you guide the site toward your new servers. Like that, there’s no downtime for your sites at all the while.

Security features are additionally common in all Scala WordPress hosting plans. You get a dedicated firewall installed for your benefit, in addition to a attack blocker, custom security decides that Scala’s team executes easily, malware sweeps and expulsion, and auto-updates to keep weaknesses from emerging.

Every one of their plans likewise includes:

  • Daily backups 
  • Free content delivery network
  • Free SEO review and tools

You can likewise open extra helpful features by going with plans over Scala’s entry-level WP Mini (one website, 20 GB storage) bundle. Those are:

  • WP Start: unlimited websites, 50 GB storage, twofold the CPU force of WP Mini
  • WP Advanced: unlimited websites, 100 GB storage, fourfold the CPU force of WP Mini

On those plans, you get managed service, meaning Scala’s support group of WordPress specialists will help you including plugin issues to generally investigate.

You likewise get a free domain in the event that you pick WP Advanced. Furthermore, not only one year, either, as most suppliers. Every year that you prepay for, you get a free year of your domain. That is an exceptionally pleasant reward.

Scala’s pricing is additionally exceptionally serious with different suppliers on this rundown and in the WordPress hosting space at large:

  • WP Mini: $3.95/month for a three-year commitment, $4.95 for two years
  • WP Start: $5.95/month for a three-year commitment, $7.95 for two years
  • WP Advanced: $9.95/month for a three-year commitment, $10.95 for two years

Cloudways WordPress Web Hosting:

Cloudways has been giving managed WordPress hosting for the north than 11 years and has hosted 600,000+ WordPress websites. Another amazing measurement is that Cloudway approaches in excess of 120,000 dynamic servers!

All Cloudways endeavors to give adaptability to its clients. A few instances of this adaptability are offering unlimited WordPress websites, pay-more only as costs arise, pricing with hourly plans (so you just compensate for what you really use), a single tick to add more server space, and unlimited URLs, and from there, the sky’s the limit.

What’s more, with a broad information base and all-day, everyday master support, you don’t need to be a specialized master yourself to hop in with Cloudways.

Cloudways right now has 62 server farms in 15 nations and 33 urban communities, so regardless of where you are on the planet, you will get speedy, dependable performance.

For plans and pricing, the rates rely upon a few variables, including choosing from five Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) suppliers, in addition to the degree of RAM, processor centers, storage, and bandwidth you really want. The IaaS supplier choices are:

  • Linode
  • DigitalOcean
  • Vultr
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud

The managed WordPress plans run the range of pricing. The most affordable is $12 each month including DigitalOcean Standard hosting charges, with 1 GB of RAM, 1 center processor, 25 GB of storage, and 1 TB bandwidth. The most costly is $3569.98 each month including the AWS hosting charges. That plan incorporates 384 GB of RAM, 96 vCPU, 20 GB of storage, and 2 GB of bandwidth.

All plans accompany 24/7 customer support, free SSL, CDN add-on, free migration, unlimited application installation, day-in and day-out constant monitoring, auto backups, advanced reserves, auto-mending, and that’s just the beginning.

You can attempt Cloudways free of charge with a three-day free preliminary to test their managed WordPress hosting and how it will function for your requirements.

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting for WordPress?

Presently you are familiar with the absolute most ideal decisions for hosting your WordPress site. Be that as it may, what’s the best one for yourself as well as your business?

Various factors mean a lot to various individuals. In any case, there are a few normal needs among all WordPress website proprietors. We focused on the accompanying contemplations while picking the main things to remember for this rundown.

Note: We deliberately excluded speed and uptime on our rundown. Those two things ought to be plainly obvious while searching for a decent web hosting supplier, all things considered.

Assess the accompanying to direct your choice while picking a WordPress web hosting supplier.

Multi-Site versus Single-Site Hosting

Every supplier on our rundown offers various solutions assuming you plan to host different sites. That is the reason it’s critical to ensure the supplier you pick can support every one of the sites you’ll have from here on out. You’ll likewise need to consider the price and the features you get for each plan.

For instance, WPEngine offers a couple of extraordinary bundles in the event that you’re dealing with various websites. Their multi-site hosting plans start at $44.25 each month with three sites included. You’ll likewise get 125 GB of bandwidth every month alongside 15 GB of storage.

It increases from that point to their Growth plan which is $86.25 each month a remarkable leap. Yet, you wind up getting 10 sites remembered for that plan with more bandwidth and storage.

Kinsta is additionally another extraordinary choice assuming you’re searching for multi-site solutions. Their plans scale well, as well. Along these lines, in the event that you wind up getting more clients who need websites, you can simply upgrade your plan on a case-by-case basis.

With suppliers like Bluehost, you can get unlimited websites at just $5.45 each month yet that accompanies a catch-it is totally unmanaged.

Customer Support That’s Actually Supportive

You believe your website should fill in as flawlessly as could really be expected, particularly on the off chance that you are bringing in money from it.

So when something turns out badly like your website goes down or you experience a security break or digital attacks somebody will be in your corner and should get you out of this sketchy situation.

Great customer support is a significant thought while settling on a WordPress host.

One of the most amazing evaluated WordPress hosting customer support groups is found at WPEngine. Their group is close by every minute of every day/365 to help you with any issues in the event that your website experiences issues.

Obviously, the compromise is that they’re a managed WordPress host. That implies they come at a more extreme expense. With that price, the label comes an extraordinary hosting service, however, alongside a support group that will be available to you to help you upgrade your website and guide it through any free times.

The help work area and support staff of a managed WordPress site are WordPress specialists. They figure out your site and the plugins you’re utilizing. They are basically improved to help you, not at all like a general host with customers running a wide range of utilizations.

In addition, managed hosts have fabricated their business model on offering support. Contrast this to less expensive hosts that don’t put quite a bit of an accentuation if any on helping customers in their time of need.

Saying this doesn’t imply that all unmanaged choices offer substandard customer support. As a matter of fact, hosts like Bluehost offer honor-winning day-in and day-out customer support for your necessities in general. However, they probably won’t have the foggiest idea about your site as well as a managed WordPress host.

Managed versus Unmanaged Hosting

This is likely one of the main choices with regards to picking a WordPress web host from this rundown. It decides everything from your degree of customer support to security to price.

In the first place, we should discuss the WordPress hosting the vast majority are familiar with. You get a basic web host and that host normally gives you a simple method for installing WordPress. You have a host, WordPress is installed, and that is all there is to it.

This is known as unmanaged WordPress hosting and most WordPress hosting works like this. After a single-click installation process, you get the basic variant of WordPress, the very version that you would get in the event that you installed WordPress on a server that you own.

Managed WordPress hosting steps things up an indent, and offers a lot of additional features.

Rather than a basic host with WordPress installed, everything is worked from the beginning in view of WordPress. The hosting system is custom-made to WordPress and the hosting company as a rule redoes WordPress itself to improve it.

Your site will be significantly quicker and safer. You will likewise have much better support since the hosting team has experience in WordPress.

The disadvantage is that managed WordPress hosting is more costly.

Migraine Free Site Migration

WordPress hosting is typically an upgrade from old shared hosting solutions. In that capacity, you’re probably relocating your website to another web host by and large.

A decent web host will help you move your website between web hosts effectively and consistently. This could mean they will have a dedicated professional team that will help you out with it. Some could charge you somewhat more to move your site and it’s generally worth the price as we would like to think.

As you move on, see what each hosting supplier gives you with regards to site migration. SiteGround, for example, has a free migrator tool you can use to get your website on its host.

WPEngine is another host that offers a migration plugin. Once downloaded, the plugin deals with all the complicated work for you.

Flywheel has experts readily available to help you relocate your website. Their migration team will deal with the entire process, so you do not need to.

If you have any desire to migrate your website to another host, make sure to check what the WordPress hosting supplier offers to help migrate your website for free of cost. You will need as much as help you can get to make the migration a smooth sailing process.

How do I host multiple WordPress sites?

There are a few different ways to host multiple WordPress sites. One way is to install WordPress Multisite, which lets you run multiple WordPress sites from a single installation. Another way is to install WordPress in a subdirectory on your server for each site.

Which hosting is best for WordPress websites?

The best hosting for a WordPress website will vary depending on the specific needs of the site. However, some general considerations that can help you choose the best hosting for your WordPress site include The size and traffic of your site: If you have a large or high-traffic WordPress site, you’ll need a hosting plan that can accommodate that.

Which hosting is best for WordPress beginners?

There are a lot of different hosting options out there for WordPress beginners. It really depends on your budget and what you’re looking for in a host. If you’re just starting out, you might want to look into a shared hosting plan.

These plans are usually more affordable and can give you the basics that you need to get started with WordPress. Once you’ve grown your website and traffic, you can then look into upgrading to a VPS or Dedicated server.

Which is the best WordPress or shared hosting?

The best option for you will depend on your specific needs and requirements. However, in general, WordPress is a more flexible and powerful platform than shared hosting and is, therefore, better suited for most websites and applications.

WordPress web hosting puts your site on a server that is just used for WordPress. This works on security, and performance, and improves the overall experience for your website visitors.

Factors like site traffic, technical experience, and adaptability are terrifically significant features to think about here. Beginners launching a new WordPress website probably will not involve a similar solution as a high-traffic site that needs to switch hosts.

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